MySQL Data types

MySQL ┬áhas lots of different data types, but what are those data types actually? These data types are specially developed to make sure your programs works as fast as possible and use as less storage as possible, if used correctly. Every data type is stored differently on the server. They make sure the bits are all efficiently assigned on the harddisk. I’m not gonna tell you how the creators developed this, but I’m gonna tell you how to make best use of the different data types. All the data types available in MySQL are explained below.

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MySQL is very capable of handling lots of things on it’s own. One of the most important things to reduce load on websites is to make sure there is as less data as possible between the webserver and the MySQL server. Because MySQL can do lots of stuff on it’s own, the only thing you need is the knowledge to do this. In the following chapters we are gonna describe how MySQL works and what is wise to do.

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